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YGD 2017 finalists are announced

Event: BAFTA Young Game Designers AwardsDate: Sat 23 July 2016Venue: BAFTA, 195 PiccadillyHosts: Ben Shires, Jane Douglas-Area: WINNERS GROUP SHOTSBAFTA/Mollie Rose

Find out more about this year's nominated games!

The finalists for this year's YGD competition have been announced! With finalists come from across England, Scotland and Wales – stretching from Aberdeen to Penzance- forty games, made by individuals or teams, will be vying for the Game Concept Award and Game Making Award next month.

The finalists are:

Game Concept Award - 10 -14 years old

  • Last Light by Campbell Mearns, aged 14
  • Space Race by ​Elizabeth McMahon  & Jade Liggitt, aged 13
  • TorchLighter by ​Elsie Mae Williams, aged 13
  • The Scrappy Races by Harry Gorrill, aged 11
  • Henna Station by Jayavarshini Sankaran, aged 13
  • Clearing MEMORY by ​Kitty Belcher, aged 13
  • Adrianna’s Hero by ​Mya Oaten & Eleri Gray, aged 14
  • Kagaku by ​Neha Biju, aged 12
  • Ctrl+U by Sophia Snow, aged 13
  • Seconds; Sentient by Yue Qi, aged 13

Game Concept Award - 15 -18 years old

  • Where’s my Tea? by Adam Mehta, Daniel Lee & Owen Hickman, aged 18
  • Guzzlesarus’s Culinary Capers by Anna Carter, aged 15
  • ANY.TIFF by Aryaan Awais, aged 17
  • Kanji Warrior by Daniel Goldie-Furlong, aged 17
  • Hide the Seekers by Djenaba Davis-Eyo & Katie Lim, aged 16
  • Strike Vector by Hugo Webber, aged 17
  • Beloved Reverie by Keelin Rose MacGregor. aged 17
  • Sundjata. The Lion of Mali by Keziah Zen-Aloush, aged 17
  • Spectrum by Lewis Hepworth, aged 15
  • Subatomic by Toby Tonks, aged 18

Game Making Award: 10-14 years old

  • Leap in the Dark by Alex Keller, aged 14
  • Doodle Warz by Ariyan Hormoz, aged 10
  • Island of Illusions by George Whysall, aged 12
  • Meteor Mania by Jaime Williams, aged 13
  • Clash of Steel by James Holley, aged 13
  • Stealth by Jamie Buttenshaw, aged 14
  • Da platformer by Lucas Drayton, Joel Cutler & William Stoppard, aged 13
  • Block Dash by Owais Hussain, aged 12
  • Alphabet Arc by Sam Curran, aged 12 & Tom Curran, aged14 
  • CyberPNK by Spruce Campbell, aged 12

Game Making Award: 15-18 years old

  • Evade by Adriano Matousek, aged 17
  • CoSine by Aravind Prabhakaran, aged 16
  • Dungeon Raiders by Bartek Biszkont, aged 17
  • Telepod by Ben Porter, aged 15
  • Paradox by Ben Saunders, aged 18
  • Recalling Monochrome by David Khachaturov, Avanes Khachaturov & Zacharie Sciamma, aged 17
  • Fractured Minds by Emily Mitchell, aged 18 
  • Dimension Surfer by Jakub Dranczewski, aged 18
  • Defuse the Bomb: Wire Cut by Rory Nickolls, aged 17
  • Luge by Thomas Crowe, aged 18 & Jack Chateau-Loney, aged 17

You can read and play the games here.

The winners of both strands, in 10-14 and 15-18 age ranges, will receive a host of prizes, including: a mentor from the games industry to help them develop their skills further, tours of leading games studios, and a prototype of their game created by a team of developers. 

Five inspirational educators are in the running for the YGD Mentor Award, which is presented to an individual, nominated by the public, involved in the education of young game designers. Read more about them here.

The YGD Hero Award, presented to a professional or development team who support young games designers, goes to Unity Technologies.

The winners will be revealed at the YGD Awards ceremony on Saturday 8 July, which takes place at BAFTA 195 Piccadilly. Follow @BAFTAGames on the day to find out all the winners!