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Make a career out of gaming


Would you like to turn your love of gaming into a career? Or just interested to find out how games are made? 

Watch the videos below for top tips and insider information.

Whatever your skill there's a job for you! 

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The Role of a Designer

Name: John Dennis

Former Head of Design on the Worms game series

The Creative Process

Name: Sefton Hill

Game Director, Rocksteady Studios

Role of a Programmer

Name: Ed Webb

Technical Director for UK Studio, EA Mobile

Concept Art for Games & Environments

Name: Ross Burt

Concept Artist, EA Bright Light

Designing Game Levels

Name: Sam Dickinson

Level Designer, LittleBigPlanet PSP

Platforms & Running a Studio

Name: Harvey Elliott

General Manager, EA Bright Light

Writing the Story

Name: Katie Elwood

Narrative Producer

Graphic Design for Games

Name: Alex Flynn

Associate Art Director, EA Brightlight

Creating Characters & Environments

Name: Gareth Hughes

Lead Designer, Little Big Planet (PSP)