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School Resource Network FAQs

You can access all YGD worksheets and teacher resources here 

1. Who is eligible to apply for a free YGD School Resource pack?

The YGD Idea Generator card game is available to participating secondary schools across the UK. To be eligible for a free resource pack applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • is a non-fee paying secondary school based in the UK (or afterschool club) that covers students of a secondary education age
  • school must have over the national average (14%) of pupils receiving Free School Meals
  • intend to use the BAFTA YGD Resources as part of their lessons in Game Design

2. What will I receive in the pack?

Successful applicants will receive:

  • a free copy of our BAFTA YGD Idea Generator Card Game.
  • information on our YGD Worksheets
  • access to exclusive networking and outreach workshops across the UK

Teachers will also be invited to join our closed Facebook Group to connect with other secondary school teachers teaching game design and receive updates on BAFTA YGD Resources and Games News.

3. Will everyone who applies receive a pack?

Submitting an application does not guarantee a free school resource pack. All applications are reviewed individually and you may be contacted to confirm further details. 

All applications must meet the stated criteria. Packs are limited in number and we are restricted in regards to how many we can distribute.

4. I am not a secondary school teacher but I work closely with young people aged 10-18 and think the BAFTA YGD would be a fantastic activity to take part in, can I apply?

Educational mentors, Code Club leaders, STEM Ambassadors, care workers and any other individual who might be involved in teaching or mentoring young people aged 10-18  can register for consideration for one of our YGD Educator Packs by filling in this web form here.

5. Can I purchase the card game?

Not just yet, although we are looking into this!

6. Will more packs be made available?

We very much hope to be able to offer more packs and educational support in the future. If you are keen to remain in touch with the BAFTA YGD Competition then we would highly recommend signing up to our public newsletter to receive competition updates, news & events

7. I have been using the YGD Educational Resources and would like to offer some feedback/share stories about what I found to be useful.

We welcome all feedback in regards to the educational resources and would love to hear about how you might have used them in your lessons. You can email us at [email protected]

8. How can I get more involved with the BAFTA YGD Competition?

You can get online access to our YGD Educational Resources which include downloadable worksheets, helpful links and group activity suggestions. 

Watch our Inspired video series - a great accompaniment to support all of our worksheets and educational materials.

Information on our workshops and events around the UK will be posted via the YGD newsletter (sign up using the form at the bottom of this page) and further information, including interviews and helpful industry tips about the competition can be found on the News page.

Information on how to enter the competition including FAQs and Terms & Conditions can be found here