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SnakeLaw Island

SnakeLaw Island (Unity3D) - David McIntosh (16), Chepstow

Traverse through an immersive story-based platformer as a duck trying to stop a war. 

SnakeLaw Island is a story-based platformer where you navigate through an unusual island in an attempt to end a raging war. Throughout your quest, you will meet various individuals who you must fight or co-operate with. The game is packed full of colourful computer-drawn art, and is accompanied by 4 original music compositions. The entirety of the game, with the exception of the fonts, was produced by me, over a stressful period of 6 months.

The game is a platformer for PC with 27 levels and 7 boss fights, where you control a duck with the keyboard and mouse. All controls are explained in the game, and there is an intuitive UI to navigate between levels. The game is quite difficult but all levels are possible. 

If this game is successful, I may create a sequel because many of the story elements are unexplained.