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Escaping Giza

Escaping Giza (Desktop) – Shreeya Srivastava (14) , Divya Sundararajan (14)

“Escaping Giza is a fun 2 player desktop game set in Ancient Egyptians for children over 6; the game includes finding hidden objects, using secret powers and escaping the mummies, all while trying to get to the exit.”

The game is set in a pyramid in Ancient Egypt with 15 levels. The aim of the game is the two players have to work together to get to the gateway and collect the amulet piece and the special item on each level, without being caught by the mummies. Player A levels are different compared to Player B’s but both are of the same difficulty. At the bottom of their screen, they will have an inventory of the items they need for the last 3 levels, and once they are collected it will be ticked off. On the last 3 levels, they both play on the same platform and work together to try and escape the room using the items they have collected. In the corner of their screen, they will have a message box, where they can communicate with the other player, telling them where they are or if they have got their item yet.

The 2 characters are small and cute with customisable colours which they can choose from at the beginning of the game. One character has elements inspired from a fox and the other inspired from a hawk, both about the same size, but they are gender neutral, so there are more choices in character. The mummies have red eyes and are basically covered in bandages some of them hanging loose, and when moving around they have their arms outstretched and walk robotically. The end of the game is a setting of them seeing outside the pyramid against in a sunset as a silhouette, with a title saying “You Have Escaped” and asking them if they would like to play again.

The controls for our game will be the arrow keys and WASD. Player 1 will use the arrows and Player 2 will use WASD. They can use the spacebar for the gravity manipulation, where the object in the way would become highlighted, when the player is close and then would move up or down in accordance to if your player 1 or 2. To hide behind a vase you must be directly in front of it and click it with your mouse, click once more when it’s safe to go.

The target audience for our game is 6-12 years old. We feel that this is appropriate because most children that age will be engaged video games but where they would like to play with their friends. This game is not violent yet it has elements of adventure and fast-paced thinking, which children that age will like.