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Donut Rush

Event: Young Games Designer AwardsDate: Saturday 29 June 2019  Venue: BAFTA, 195 Piccadilly, LondonHosts: TBC-Area: Game StillsBAFTA/Donut Rush

Donut Rush (Unity) 

“Donel is a newly fried doughnut, and doesn't want to be sent to the shops to be eaten, like his fellow doughnuts before him, so he decides he must escape the factory and try to prevent fellow doughnuts from the fate of being eaten.”

You have just been fried, and you have to escape the factory into the city. Once you've left the factory, you go on a rampage through the city to find doughnuts in tanks, which have been sent to be sold in shops, (otherwise known as "Stray Donuts") and release them from their glass tanks so that they may reach safety. Once you have finished that level, a representative of the ASD (Association for Saving Donuts) comes to congratulate and thank you for your selfless deeds. From then on, this particular representative will help you on through the next three levels (This is a demo version which has 5 levels of varying length) and will later advise you to collect a "Diamond Donut".

I learnt how to use unity and program in C#. I also learnt how to use different programs to manage different things, rather than just use one gargantuan program to manage everything. I learnt how to use arrays and list in programs to manage colour.

When I was trying to make the pause feature, I wanted to make it so that everything in the scene (level) went dim so that it was obvious that it was paused. However, I struggled to do this because some of the game objects in the scene had colour tints put onto them and so lost that tint when it was paused and then unpaused (I could have overcome this by just changing the opacity instead of the RGB figures, but it looked odd when I tried it). To overcome this, I programmed the game object that managed the score and time variables to make a list of every game object in the scene and their colour tint, so that when the scene was dimmed, there was still a list keeping track of every game object's colour tint, so that it could be easily reassigned.

I would add more levels and maybe animations to the buttons that help navigate through the levels.