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The Scrappy Races

A race against time to create a racing car made only of scrapyard parts!

The designer:

Harry Gorrill, aged 11

St Egwins CE Middle School, Croydon, Greater London

Harry's story behind the game:

"You have six hours at a mini scrapyard between each challenge to make your car worthy for the task. You can make any type of vehicle ranging from a truck to a dragster or even a hot rod but using only what you can find in the scrapyard.

"The start of the game is set in the scrapyard where the vehicles are constructed. You choose which team you are going to join and there are three other members of your team. These will either be computer generated or 'real people'. This game can be a multiplayer game.

"You have £1500 and five designs to choose from and you have a list at the top of the screen of the parts that you need to find e.g. engine, chassis, body. Each part will cost money and the parts that are in better condition or that of a higher class will cost more."


"You are able to use the mouse and keyboard with the mouse panning the 1st person camera or 3rd person camera. Use WASD to move around and left click on the mouse to select."

The players:

"The target audience is for seven and over who are petrol heads and enjoy puzzles as the mini games will require some puzzles to be solved. Also people who like coming up with new ideas and designing with an imagination. Even people who don't know a lot about cars will enjoy making their own and having the opportunity to drive it."