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Sundjata.The Lion of Mali

Based on a Malian epic story set in Mediaeval Mali, outwit an evil brother, a sorcerer king, wild animals and opposing armies to become the first emperor of Mali!

The designer:

Keziah Zen-Aloush, aged 17

Mayfield, East Sussex

Keziah's story behind the game:

"In Level 1, Sundjata must reach Mema; a long journey across today’s Mali, Burkina Faso and Ghana. They must escape from the palace of the brother Dankaran, avoid guards around the palace and find the key for an unguarded door into an alleyway.

"Sundjata will go more slowly than his family if he walks without a staff. Fighting reduces stamina and power, but will level up the player quicker. Helping people, eg giving a child something to drink, will increase the player’s stamina and power.

"Sundjata may pick up many items along the way, which may be useful and will shorten the time it takes to win on this level.

"The player uses stealth to escape detection by the guards which will speed up the game, but if spotted, they will need to perform a quick time event to dodge the guards. 

"Throughout, the game uses images based on traditional Malian mud architecture, textiles, clothes, art, musical instruments and weapons. There are many ethnic groups living in the area where the story is set which covers today’s Mali, Ghana and Burkina Faso, so the game can draw on diverse inspiration. Over all, the basic colours will be earthy browns, enlivened by the bright blue skies and the textiles either being worn or appearing as blankets or other pieces of cloth. "


Desktop, Console (PlayStation, Xbox)