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Use different particles of the universe together to destroy your enemy's atom!

The designer:

Toby Tonks, aged  18 

Alcester, Warwickshire

Toby's story behind the game:

"A unique and educational strategy game with a particle physics theme.

"Subatomic is a game centred around the many different particles of our universe. Blending aspects from the tower defence and trading card game genres, players are able to place a variety of particles with different abilities and effects in order to destroy the enemy's atom, and protect their own. 

"Before starting a level, players are given a certain amount of matter or antimatter that they can spend to create a loadout of particles to use in battle. As players progress through the game, they gain access to new stages, and can amass a large arsenal of particles to create loadouts from.

"The story element of the game focuses on the two main factions, Matter and Antimatter, which are at war with each other to take over all the atoms in the universe. At the start of the game, players will be able to choose which one they would like to side with, and will earn points for their faction as they level up and take over more atoms. Despite being mainly a multiplayer game, players will be able to progress through a single player campaign against bots, so that the game can be enjoyed offline too."


"Subatomic will utilise the touchscreen feature on most smartphones, or the mouse if running the desktop version. Simply tapping or clicking will activate most buttons in the game, and a drag and drop feature will also be an option when placing particles on a level, or rearranging your arsenal. An optional augmented reality feature will allow players to see levels in the real world, so AR cards and/or an AR headset will be needed in that case."


Mobile & Tablet, Desktop