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Download and play the game here

After downloading, the files must be extracted onto your desktop before you can play the game.

Explore and escape a dangerous warehouse - but don't get caught!

The designer:

Jamie Buttenshaw, aged 14

Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire

Jamie's story behind the game:

“Stealth is a challenging platforming adventure through an enemy occupied warehouse, and your goal is to infiltrate, destroy and escape the facility - but all without being caught!

"In Stealth, you are an MI6 agent sent into an enemy occupied warehouse, with the mission to destroy it. The first part of the game is all about infiltration; you need to sneak into the building without being caught by the security!

"Once you're in, you must plant bombs on the facilities power supplies, which will cause a chain reaction to blow up the whole place.

"However, these bombs have a timer! So in the second half of the game, you have 3 minutes to escape before the bombs explode... Not only do you have to be quick, but the guards have found you, and are trying to stop you! They're armed and dangerous, and will do anything they can to keep you from getting away.

"Stealth will put your skills to the test in an exciting adventure through the shadows."

Software used: Python 3.4.3 & Pygame 1.9.2 in PyCharm, GIMP, Audacity and LMMS

Future development:

"A few gameplay features that I had in my head were guards dogs, and night vision. The guard dogs would feature with the hostile guards, only faster but not quite as deadly. Night vision would allow the player to see every guard, torch and bullet, giving them a larger range at which they can see danger coming. Night vision would be unlocked after a certain number of levels."