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Space Race

Elizabeth McMahon & Jade Liggitt, both aged 13 

Holy Trinity Academy Trust, Kidderminster, Worcestershire


Mobile & Tablet


“Can you beat the time with puzzles for the mind, games to play, can you race today?”

You are a space man or woman and you have a dog or monkey as a companion. You have the choice of a space rover in which you will complete all of the races in. The aim is to complete all races across the planets in our solar system and progress to save a lost space team, who ran off course during a mission similar to yours.


The controls that are used in the game a simple, all you need to do is swipe left or right on your mobile device to change between the 4 lanes, swipe up on the screen to jump over the various obstacles and double swipe to jump over the larger obstacles. To turn the corners you tap on the screen until you are facing the way you want to go, when you tap once the space rover will turn 90 degrees clockwise (to the right) so to move to the left you need to tap 4 times, also tap to collect stardust.


Each planet is known as a ‘world’ and each world consists of 10 levels. The aim of one level is to get closer to the launch pad which means you can transport to the next world. To do this you have to complete the 2 rover races inside the level and the mini game along with it.


Our target audience are girls and boys aged between 5 and 12 year old. It is a friendly game for all the genders, as there is a range of colours used and both genders as a choice of characters. The game can teach young people facts about space and they can improve their hand-eye coordination.