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Seconds; Sentient

What if you could see sounds, hear colours and touch emotions with that second chance to guide you on your journey of perfecting mistakes - but you can't control your actions?

The designer:

Yue Qi, aged 13

Coventry, West Midlands

Yue's story behind the game:

"Seconds; Sentient - designed to provide players with empathetic experiences using fourth wall materials, complimenting the already story-driven concept to a higher level. Players will 'guide' the playable character - Yumin - within the game, watching the progression of Yumin becoming self-aware across a journey filled with odd aesthetics.

"Depending on the player's choices within several branching points - or even simplistic dialogue options - 'Yumin' will develop opinions towards the player, whether it's hate (if you, as the player, make him unwillingly do choices which cause his life to follow a negative route), fear (options that don't reflect a pacifistic and kind response), or maybe even trust when going with logical and well-reasoned responses that result positively - along with a couple more. 

"As a simple mechanism to help the player distinguish decisions, the scenery and music alter according to character emotions - seeing sounds, 'touching' colours, hearing emotions. I personally believe interaction and empathetic involvement of the player is very important to a story based game."


"The controls will be simple, the usual for most PC games. Platform modes for the mini games will feature the arrow keys and space bar, occasionally number keys for quick responses the player may need to choose. Arrow keys will also be used for navigation of dialogue options in the 'story' mode, allowing the player to highlight the one they desire to choose, using the 'Enter' key to confirm."