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Recalling Monochrome

David Khachaturov, Avanes Khachaturov & Zacharie Sciamma, aged 17 



LÖVE, Paint.NET, Audacity, GarageBand, MuseScore


“An intense, stylized top-down shooter that requires careful planning and on-point execution, with supernatural abilities and a noir storyline.”

Recalling Monochrome is set in New York, 1930. You are living paycheck to paycheck, trying to make ends meet by working as a private eye. The game features rather smart AI-infused enemies, that alert one another of the player’s position if they see you. They also have quick pathfinding and react to noise, leaving their patrol routes to check out any suspicious activity. Even if they lose sight of the player, the enemies will try to approximate where the player could have run off to and will go there to search for the player. In the off-chance that you manage to evade the enemies for long enough, they will gather around the last place they saw you and will roam around checking every corner of the room for the intruder.

Future Development

A major improvement I would do before continuing development would be to streamline the cut scene and transition code, which is quite messy at the moment. That, and I would need to clean up the main game loop to make it easier to edit, as it is too long as it stands. Another change from a coding perspective would be to implement lighting into the levels, which would enable more engaging stealth gameplay, such as hiding in shadows and switching off lights to not be seen. This would be a challenge mathematically, but with enough time, I am confident I would be able to make it look and feel nice.

Download the game to play here!

After downloading, the files must be extracted onto your desktop before you play the game.