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Meteor Mania

Download and play the game here

This game is designed to be played via the software Scratch.

Collect the stars before the time runs out, but mind the meteors!

The designer:

Jaime Williams, aged 13

Glenrothes High School, Glenrothes, Fife

Jaime's story behind the game:

“My game is an easy and strategic quick game that focuses on your timing skill.

"The goal of my game is to collect enough stars in the set time limit without hitting any meteors. Every level gets shorter and shorter, making it hard to collect enough stars in time. To move the player must hold the spacebar to go up and let go to go down, but timing is key, if you are too early or late you might miss the star or get hit by a meteor.

"I developed a lot of skills in the process of this game such as resilience and patience because I was constantly finding new things that needed to be fixed and I almost gave up a couple of times."

Sofware used: Scratch

Future development:

"If I could develop my game further I would add more of a storyline with some animated scenes at the start and end. I would make my game more interesting and challenging by making each level a little different, with a different thing to collect, different character and a different setting."