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Leap in the Dark

Download from the Google Play Store (desktop link) or download the apk file. This game is playable on Android devices only.

Stay alive as you dodge the falling blocks!

The designer:

Alex Keller, aged 14

Sawston Village College, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Alex's story behind the game:

"A simple android game that is played with single tap controls. Your character is constantly moving along the x axis, and when you tap it inverts your speed. The character's y position stays constant. The aim of the game is to get the highest score possible while avoiding all the falling white blocks - you get +1 score for each 2 seconds you stay alive in a run. The speed of the falling blocks is linearly related to the score the player has. 

"There are two types of powerup in the game, both lasting for 3 seconds. The bubble will allow the player to break through wall blocks (with lots of explosions), whereas the time slow powerup will slow the fall speed of the wall blocks while allowing the player to move at the player's original speed."

Software used:  GameMaker:Studio 1.4

Future development:

"I would add Google Play support, such as google play sign-in and cloud save. I also would add a range of achievement characters with different styles and powers, and add more achievements. I would provide an HTML version, that people could play off a browser, and would supply a version for Windows. Ideally I would create an account system, with a central server so people can save their progress cross-platform. I would also eventually create a multiplayer version with live competitions, so that players can have some competition, not just single-player."