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Last Light

Campbell Mearns, aged 14

Lathallan School, Catterline, Aberdeenshire


Mobile & Tablet


“The world has run out of light, plunged into darkness, you are the last flame in the world, and it is your job to reignite it.”

You are the last flame on earth, created by a spark just as the sun went out. You realise it is your job to relight the world, so you travel around world cities lighting things as you go along.


The game uses simple tap and swipe controls. Two arrow buttons in the bottom left corner controls moving back and forwards. A button in the bottom right would control jumping. Swiping would be used for boosting the flame around.


The first level is London. You have just been created by a spark, you are the last light in the world, it is your job to relight it. Collectibles come in sets (i.e. electronics or clothes) and once you complete a set, you get a new skin for your skin like a green or blue flame. Once the timer runs out it begins to rain and if you're caught in it, you go out.

The game looks eerie, but the artwork is cute and simplistic. The flame is just a simple fire with two black eyes. The game is a platformer, so the game is 2D. The levels will be shown in the form of a globe, and each level is a city. Small countries might only have one city but a large country like the USA might have seven or eight or maybe more. Once you've lit an entire country, on the globe it appears completely lit up. While the game is dark, it's not scary, it's cute and will be appropriate for younger children too.