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Kanji Warrior

Learn the Japanese alphabets by writing your way to victory!

The designer:

Daniel Goldie-Furlong, aged 17


Daniel 's story behind the game:

"A samurai without a sword fights against ninjas and monsters from Japanese folklore with only a calligraphy brush. Players perform attacks and solve puzzles by writing in Japanese, while simultaneously teaching the player the three Japanese alphabets (Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji). Different symbols perform different attacks, and points are awarded for more complex symbols, as well as writing them correctly, with the correct stroke order.

"Set in feudal Japan, a noble samurai sets out to destroy the evil monsters plaguing the land, as well as ninjas from rival clans, with only a calligraphy brush at hand. The game takes place across multiple areas, set against backdrops of Japanese temples, castles and countryside. Levels are set in a variety of other locations as well, from the tops of mountains, to the insides of traditional Japanese buildings, allowing the player to learn about the history of Japan at the same time."


"The game is controlled by touch. Attacks and actions are performed by writing symbols on the designated writing panel. The player's movement can be controlled separately by a virtual directional-pad, or to make the game more challenging, the player can be controlled by writing directional symbols on the designated writing panel."

The players:

"The target audience is aimed at people looking to learn Japanese, specifically a younger audience, from around age 10+ . The intuitive controls and bright colourful style of the game make it more attractive to younger players."


Mobile & Tablet