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An educational yet addictive game that will inspire young teenagers to be part of the world of STEM! 

The designer:

Neha Biju, aged 12

Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands

Neha's story behind the game:

"Kagaku is a game for all those who wish to learn the periodic table yet want to enjoy their time doing it. The game is to go through a mythical maze in which you will find various monsters who are guarding the element you want to find.

"Once you have found all the 117 elements you get to defeat the 118th element (oganesson) who is king of the monster realm by switching between the power of elements and weapons you now own.

"The first quest will be to find the hydrogen element since this is the first element in the periodic table.

"Unlike any other games on the market today Kagaku has room to adapt and change to the behaviour of the teenagers today, and we also have the potential to turn the app to a maybe mathematical version of the game to lure younger players to learn the different times tables e.g.3x7

"Lastly the game provides a game that siblings can play together without the possibility of a fight and solving the cids and puzzles together so unlike the other games on the market today we can adapt it into a multiplayer game without having to change much of the game."