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Island of Illusions

George Whysall, aged 12

Belper School, Belper, Derbyshire


“8-bit addictive fun!”

In my game you are a pirate and you have to make it through the 4 levels (maybe more) and hit the emerald treasure. After all of this, you will reach a boss level. You must defeat the boss by looking at the area and working out how to defeat him using the resources available. To go left, press the left arrow key. To go right, press the right arrow key. To jump, you press space.

I developed the skill to code and design characters. Many mechanics in this game require code and not just drag and drop, such as only being able to jump once, only activating a power up once etc. Before this game, I had struggled to create my own character, I would copy paste from the internet. But I take pride in saying I created the protagonist: the pirate. He has many animations and I created them on my own.

Future Development

I would improve the graphics, but not to much as it would lose its 8-bit vibe. I would add checkpoints and more levels. I would like a harder Easter Egg and a more puzzling level, a level which calls upon the brain to complete.

Download the game to play here!