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Hide the Seekers

If you had the power to change history, would you?  Two pacifist girls must dedicate their lives to restoring the world's most important historical events.

The designers:

Djenaba Davis-Eyo & Katie Lim, both aged 16


The designers' story behind the game:

"A history lover and physics fanatic find out that they are the Seekers; the ones that will save time and history when the Old Time Keeper inevitably loses the fragments of time. The two young girls must dedicate their lives to restoring history's most important events. However, many people all over the world try to find these Fragments of Time before the Seekers, in order to change history for the better, or so they believe...

"The player has the choice to play first person as one of the Seekers; Daya and K.T. Our main characters that we've created are of a diverse background, we are trying to create inspiring role models from other ethnicities.

"DAYA: a female of Nigerian and English descent who loves history. Her role in the game is to help the player understand historical events and look for clues when finding the Fragments of Time

"K.T.: a female of Vietnamese descent who loves quantum physics. Her role in the game is to help the player understand the science behind time travel and parallel universes.

"Sometimes it shouldn't always be about destroying the enemy, in this game it's 100% stealth and pacifism. There are plenty of shooting games on the market, it's time for a change.

"It's not only entertaining but educational as well. While having fun, you are learning about important historical events and get to form your own opinions on controversial issues."


Desktop, Console (Xbox, PlayStation)