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Dungeon Raiders

Bartek Biszkont, aged 17

Cambridge Regional College, Red Lodge, West Suffolk


Clickteam Fusion 2.5 (Developer)


“A platformer where you walk around randomly generated dungeons collecting weapons and items, fighting through enemies and bosses while also taking a huge risk the further you go as death means going back to the start.”

Randomly generated cave level with enemies that you must eliminate to complete the level. Scrolling action platformer with a range of weapons and wall jumps. 


The player is controlled by A/D to move horizontally, W or Space to jump and S to fall down platforms. Mouse to aim your gun (camera slightly moves as well) and left click to shoot. The scroll wheel lets you swap between a number of weapons (I have more but decided those weapons would be best to show in here). 

Navigating through the menu is done by A/D keys and the Enter key. 

F2 to restart the game when you die.

Future Development

New stages, implement items, add in multiplayer, new enemies, bosses, new weapons, re-make the gameplay UI, add the story in to the game, add in actually good sounds, better music, add in native resolution option (game never has black borders), make the game "Chowdren"-compatible as much as possible, player customisation, add an ending and make it so I can port it to PS4.

Download the game to play here!

After downloading, the files must be extracted onto your desktop before you can play the game.