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Doodle Warz

Download and play the game here

 After downloading, the files must be unpacked onto your desktop so you can play the game

Attack evil creatures to protect your village and keep your title as The Great Protector!

The designer:

Ariyan Hormoz, aged 10


Ariyan's story behind the game:

"In my game, you are a small stick man who shoots oversized arrows and you are protecting a village from evil glass of Water-men. If they reach the left side of the screen, they destroy your village and you die. My game has a sort of doodle theme to it and nearly everything is hand-drawn or computer-drawn. The different colours of the glass of Water-men are meant to be their elements: for example, green is cucumber and grey is rock, blue is water/normal and red is fire. "

Software used: Corona SDK (to create a windows game)


"In the game you use w, a, s, d keys to move and click to shoot. The bar in the right-hand corner is your recharge bar: it has to fill then you can fire again (the recharge bar lasts for 1.5 seconds). You don’t really win the game, you try to get a high score. It's an endless game but addictive at the same time. My game is not intended to be violent as it has no violence at all, so don’t get mislead by the arrow shooting part. For the arrows I used a mixture of physics by setting it to dynamic and update game to change which way the arrow faces."

Future Development:

"If I could develop my game any further I would have put in more detail by making it so you need different elements of arrows to destroy different types of glass of Water-men. Also I wish that I could have added different type of enemies that come in at different stages of the game."