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Dimension Surfer

Download and play the game here 

After downloading, the files must be extracted onto your desktop before you can play the game.

A classic platform game with a twist!

The designer:

Jakub Dranczewski, aged 18

Dulwich College, London

Jakub's story behind the game:

“A 2D platformer in which the levels are actually 3D and you can freely (and sometimes dramatically) change how the part you see on the screen looks just by moving your mouse slightly.

"The level is a 2D cross section of a 3D mesh. The player is free to control the cutting plane used to obtain the cross-section displayed on the screen and therefore can completely change the geometry of the level, pass seemingly uncrossable obstacles and reach places that seemed out of reach a few seconds ago.

"The main objective of the game is to get from the left to the right side of the screen - that unlocks access to the next level. On the way there, the player can collect stars (three in each level). While completing the level itself may be simple, collecting all the stars can require more ingenuity and skill."

Software used: Pygame (a Python library) and Blender (level design and export)