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Defuse the Bomb: Wire Cut

Download the game from the Google Play store here (desktop link)

Race against the clock to stop the bombs exploding! Are you fast enough?

The designer:

Rory Nickolls, aged 17

Fareham, Hampshire

Rory's story behind the game:

"In Defusion, you are presented with a series of bombs.Each bomb has a different configuration of wires that must be cut in the correct order to be defused. Each wire has a different colour, and the colour that must be cut next is shown by both the indicator at the top of the bomb and the background colour.

"The player must use their finger to swipe the screen and cut the wire, however these cuts must be very precise as the wires can overlap and create some very tight situations. Make a wrong cut or run out of time and the bomb will explode!"

Software used:  Unity, Microsoft Visual Studio 2017, Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Illustrator CS3, Audacity

Future development:

"At the current time, the game feels polished and I find it addictive to play. One feature that it lacks, however, is a sense of variety and difficulty progression. To develop my game further, I think that I could add a range of different game modes. These could be in the form of different ways of the defusing the bomb. For example, I could have one where instead of cutting wires, the player is presented with a 6 digit number pattern that they must remember and then enter correctly into a pad to defuse the bomb."