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Da platformer

Download and play the game here

This game is designed to be played via the software Scratch

You're stuck in a world, so try and escape - but there's a twist!

The designers:

Lucas Drayton, Joel Cutler, & William Stoppard, all aged 13

Callington, Cornwall

The designers' story behind the game:

"This game is a challenged based basic platformer with a twist, there are some trolling or fake levels and this makes it harder to pass.

"The basic idea is the platformer, you, are trying to escape the world that of which you are stuck in and you even leave the planet to try and be free from the red anti version of yourself. This ends up in an intense and sometimes anger inducing boss level that proves hard as the bosses moves are very sporadic and are hard to predict.

"It helped us with our designing and the ability to create different characters. The levels are as creative as we could put in the small space meaning it helped our skills of using the best of what we had on offer. I also learnt how to create a colour sensing sprite in scratch with power up."

Software used: Scratch

Future development:

"We would try and get better graphics. We would also add more power-ups."