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Spruce Campbell, aged 12

Uckfield, East Sussex


Unity 5.5 in C#


“A platforming adventure through a dangerous, corporate neon-glowing labyrinth with alternate realities - enjoy forever.”

Your friends persuade you to try this amazing new VR software they just cracked. Upon entering the "Hivemind" you are accused of being a convicted criminal, sentenced to indefinite years in the game. 

You are tasked with platforming across the world, flipping between 2 neon-coloured "phases", jumping between them with SPACE and flipping with D. Boost pads and monochrome, cuboid enemies stand in your neon-glowing path to eternity.

Future Development

I would firstly work on tightening the controls and bug-fixing the mechanics, then probably move on to more levels. With more levels comes more story, so to progress this story I would probably view the hivemind from different perspectives, then put these characters in a situation together, like Thomas Was Alone (which I love). I might also give the hivemind AI a greater voice, a la SUPERHOT or Portal (again, love both of those to bits). I wouldn't make it a long game, though. I mean, four hours of this gets jarring fast. I would know.

Download the game to play here!

After downloading, the files must be extracted onto your desktop before you can play the game.