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Block Dash

Owais Hussain, aged 12 

Ealing, London




“A unique puzzle platformer that will addict you for sure!”

Block Dash 2 has landed!

It is an epic addicting puzzle-platformer with a unique way to play.

The instructions are in the game, but here they are:
Press flag TWICE to start
You need to get to the yellow door
Use the arrow keys to move your block around
Press space to place a block and R to restart
Press D to change the colour of your block
Light blue - Jump
Dark blue - Bounce
Grey - Platform
Red - BOOOOOM!!!!
Press S to test your solution

All levels ARE possible! They are made and tested and edited to perfection!

Future Development

I think it would make a good app, I would add many more levels and types of block, e.g. purple block - makes you do a super jump! I may make a level creator so people could make- and share their own levels (and solutions!) Another thing I might do is make my own sound effects and make the game look more appealing overall, but I would still keep the simple graphic style of the game. I would definitely add "coins", which you could buy different block costumes with. Overall what I want to do is make the game look more professional while keeping the same style of gameplay.

Download the game to play here!

This game is designed to be played via the software Scratch