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Block Dash

Download and play the game here

This game is designed to be played via the software Scratch

An epic addictive puzzle-platformer with a unique way to play!

The Designer:

Owais Hussain, aged 12 

Ealing, London

Owais's story behind the game:

"Block Dash 2 has landed! A unique puzzle platformer that you'll get addicted to!

"It is an epic addicting puzzle-platformer with a unique way to play."

Software used: Scratch


Press flag TWICE to start
You need to get to the yellow door
Use the arrow keys to move your block around
Press space to place a block and R to restart
Press D to change the colour of your block
Light blue - Jump
Dark blue - Bounce
Grey - Platform
Red - BOOOOOM!!!!
Press S to test your solution

Future development:

"I think it would make a good app, I would add many more levels and types of block, e.g. purple block - makes you do a super jump! I may make a level creator so people could make- and share their own levels (and solutions!) Another thing I might do is make my own sound effects and make the game look more appealing overall, but I would still keep the simple graphic style of the game. I would definitely add "coins", which you could buy different block costumes with. Overall what I want to do is make the game look more professional while keeping the same style of gameplay."