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Beloved Reverie

You play as Piper, a 10 year old girl who's older sister Holi has just passed away from heart failure after dealing with cardiomyopathy her whole life. You're young, scared and alone - feeling as if you were abandoned by your best friend.

The designer:

Keelin Rose MacGregor, aged 17 

Uxbridge College, Chalfont St.Peter, Buckinghamshire

Keelin's story behind the game:

“It will, hopefully, tug on the player's heartstrings and cause them to fall into an unhealthy relationship with it.

"The game is in five stages, focusing on the five stages of grief. Whichever stage of the player is in affects the actions the playable character can perform and how then can react. For example, if they're going through 'anger' you may only have choices of hurtful words, your character might have more violent actions available.

"A Ragdoll follows you throughout the game, giving you hints and trying to keep you safe. As the game progresses, and the game unravels, the true form of the Ragdoll is revealed, and finding the ragdoll in the last portion of the game is essential for the best ending.

"The game has a similar morality system to many recent games, with certain actions being dictated as bad or good. The game focuses on being vulnerable and overcoming problems the character is going through rather than being a power fantasy.

"Playing as a child gives you a unique perspective on how they tackle things, and although the options may not be the most intelligent or convenient - they are the things a child would come up with."