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 Phase 18


James Clements, Lauren Farwell & Jacob Deacon 


Vista is an episodic, choice-based game about life. Through the perspectives of playable sisters Eva and Celia, players can shape and experience their lives, as they both go through very different periods of turmoil. How strong or weak their relationship is by the end of the game is entirely down to your choices.


Vista is set in a modern-day France.  Players experience Eva’s life at uni and at home, as well as Celia’s life. Vista reuses some environments for story-reasons, they will change over time.


Eva: Talented and quirky, Eva is a complex character. Living with Asperger’s, she has social difficulties, but is also able to focus greatly on her goals.

Celia: Dedicated but pessimistic, Celia has been stalled by guilt throughout her life, ever since she and her family moved to France. Living with PTSD, but having such an active working life, forces her to try to work through her past.



To select dialogue options, players use the Playstation/Xbox’s face buttons.
Vista features a mechanic where the dialogue options occasionally become harder to see - representing Eva sometimes finds it hard to say what she means to, due to her Asperger’s.
Movement is standard 3rd-person, with the left stick being used to walk, and the right stick being used to control the camera. 

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