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The Ashes Call My Name

Jordan Han 


The Ashes Call My Name is a 2D puzzle game where the player solves the puzzles in either Constructive, or Destructive ways. Azar has been swept away from their home: a literal hotspot known as The Pyros, right at the base of The Great Torch. They need to navigate their way home through the forest they and their fellow flames only previously referred to as "The Dark". 


The Dark: A large, dark forest.

The ReTreet: A large, hollow tree, the main hub for navigating to previously completed levels.

Heatwood Pines: A highly dense area of the forest, drenched by the rainstorm that serves as a tutorial area.

The Frostbite: A damp, cold area in the forest covered in ice and snow that houses the intermediate levels.

The Ashes: The area just outside of The Great Torch. Full of burnt leaves and charred trees, there are still ways to make it home without making the land more desolate than it already is.


Azar, a small, weak, genderless flame with a desire to get home to The Pyros within The Great Torch

See the full Game Concept shortlist.  

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