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Supernatural Café

Charlotte Campbell & Vyshnavhee Gurunathan


Users can play as different mythical creature customers in this ‘supernatural café’ or a member of the waiting staff and can even play against other users. The mythical creatures involved will be; vampires, warlocks, faeries, werewolves. 


Inside a café to host supernatural creatures. As stereotypes stand for these creatures, the café caters for the styles of all four creatures. The café is split into four sections, keeping the werewolves and vampires as far away as possible.


Our users will have the chance to play as a warlock, a werewolf, a vampire or a faerie for either of the two sections listed above, part of the waiting staff or as a customer. 


The controls will vary depending on the game that is being played for example, in the game where the waiter must avoid spilling the glass the user will have to tilt their device from side to side. In the game where the customer must eat their food as fast as they can the user will have to tap their screen really fast. These controls would be displayed on the screen at the start of each game so that the user knows how to play the game

supernatural cafe

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