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Save the Rainforest

Lauren Calvert 


Protect the rainforest at all costs in this fun, action-packed and educative game. The Amazon Rainforest is constantly bombarded with threats, ranging from forest fires to poachers. The player is given a section of rainforest that they have to try to protect. The ultimate goal is to save your rainforest for as long as possible.


The Amazon Rainforest.

The player's screen will be full of the beautiful green foliage that the player aims to protect.

The forest the user protects will expand to include areas like natives' settlements, rivers, powerplants and scientific research bases

Controls and Platform

Mobile & Tablet

To eliminate most threats, the player protests against it. They just tap on the threat and it disappears.
If they want to get rid of forest fires they just have to rub on the screen to put it out. In higher levels when more threats are unlocked, such as power plants, the player uses the same controls (tapping and rubbing) to shut them down.

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Save the Rainforest

Save the Rainforest