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Salt without Pepper

Bethany Maia Evans 


In a charming tale of friendship and heroism, behold the great lengths Salt will go to in order to remain with his partner Pepper. While the food industry attempts to separate the duo by replacing Pepper with a new spice, Capiel, we must guide Salt through a series of obstacles in order to reunite the pair.


The game takes place is in a modern restaurant, and the obstacle course will be set along a restaurant table. 

The obstacle course itself consists of three paths that the player can slide onto and travel on; the Ketchup path, the Mustard path and the Mayonnaise path.

There are many different kinds of levels, with each restaurant having a different country-theme that represent an individual country (after all, Pepper is being removed from diners at global rate!). 


Salt epitomises heroism in every sense a spice possibly can. He has determination like no other that will dare him to stop humanity from making a mistake that will have catastrophic effects.
Pepper is the victim of humanity’s changing taste buds. She is cast out by society and cruelly replaced by the new spice Capiel in her old position of Salt’s partner in crime.
Capiel is the villain of the story. After a sudden rise in popularity due to his almost unique spicy flavour, he soon replaces Pepper as Salt’s partner condiment. 

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Salt without Pepper