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Leap Frog

Josh Golding 


You’re a small frog on a small lily pad. You get points by eating flies, dragon flies and other small insects. The more you eat the more points you score and the bigger you get. As you grow in size you become too heavy for the lily pad and so you will sink. You have to jump to another bigger lily pad before that happens otherwise you’ll be eaten by crocodiles.


The game is set in a pond with the sound of buzzing flies frog like ribbit noises. There are different coloured lily pads (depending on the frog size) using bright primary colours for visual effect.


You are the frog.

You play online against other frogs.

There are flies, dragonflies and insects that you eat.

There are crocodiles


You control the game with your fingers on a phone or a tablet or with a mouse on a PC.

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Leap frog