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Ice Cream Avalanche

Kyle Randall 


The objective of the game is that in each level you must catch ice cream balls that are falling from the sky, but watch out because trash and rubbish will also be falling from the sky and you don't want a banana skin in your ice cream tower.


Each level will be set in a different ice cream parlour, van and hut all around the world. Some examples are you will have to do a level in a van by the sea side or beach. 


When using a phone or tablet (iPad and kindle) the controls would be to tilt it from side to side to move your cone or glass. To use a power up that you have bought from the shop, you would have to press the icon button that would appear in the bottom left corner of your screen. For computer or laptop, the controls would be moving the mouse left and to use a power up it would be by pressing the space bar when the power up button starts to glow.



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