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Ria Paulraj-Cooper  


The game centres around the character Fluff-Puff - a cross between a hairy Ewok-like creature (Star Wars) and a brightly coloured ball of fluff. 


Fluffology the game starts off in the Amazonian Forests of South America. She teaches various scientific concepts about conservation, ecology, evolution (Difference in Finch beak features on the Galapagos Islands as found by Charles Darwin).


Fluff-Puff acts as the guide in the game and takes the gamer through the various science modules such as classification, Taxonomy, Evolution, Conservation, Environmental Biology, Physiology and Microbiology.




You will need your keyboard to play most of the game and a joy stick during the explorer phase of the game when Fluff-Puff travels from site to site learning about evolution, taxonomy, ecology, biology, environmental biology and conservation.  




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