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Fallen Kingdom

Daniel Wood 


The game is about climbing to the top of the hierarchy in a medieval setting, it follows similar rules to chess except it does not include the limitations of movement from each piece. The game is a strategy game in which you control troops of soldiers such as rooks, knights, bishops, a queen and a king.


The kingdom of Vindicta which is Latin for revenge. This is a kingdom bursting full of history and life that the player will discover as the proceed further into the game. The world of the game looks hand drawn and can be seen as picturesque.
On a general view of the screen the player will encounter trees, bushes, rocks and interactive objects. The game world will be enchanting and have a medieval theme. The many levels that could be encountered could be forests, caves, mountains, the seas, deserts and mores 


Pawn, a class that is a peasant with basic attacks.
Rook, a pikeman who has a large weapon that can be used from a longer range.
Knight, they are on horseback and have very quick movement.
Bishop, can heal other troops and can also attack but with low damage.
Queen, brutal in combat, her health and damage are high however she is expensive.
The player is the main character, the King. They are a compassionate leader who loses everything they own. They will do whatever it takes to get that back.
The friend was a loyal and caring buddy of the King but gave in to envy and betrayed the player. 

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Fallen Kingdom