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Cross Keys

Ellen O’Regan 


The layout of every level, will be one of the typelings (characters), walking & running along a rectangular shaped computer motherboard, which is moving diagonally in a treadmill way. There will also be capitol letters placed along the motherboard which the typeling must jump over the letter. 


My game is set in an old, faded, hazardous arcade which has been abandoned for years and the atmosphere is melancholy. The opening scene is from the perspective of a young girl that stumbles upon the arcade, intrigued she enters and spots the only visibly working arcade game: cross keys.


My characters are called the typelings and are from a completely different planet. They look as if someone had taken one of the keys out of a keyboard and stuck on facial and body features. 



All of the letters on the key board throughout the levels to trigger the typeling to jump.

The arrow keys can optionally be used to switch from level to level or the mouse can be used.  

 See the full Game Concept shortlist