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Blast off!

Indumita Prakash 


In the game, children learn about the different planets in our solar system. When they start the game they choose out of two avatars, a girl – Valentina (first women in space) or a boy – Yuri (first man in space). Laika, the first ever dog in space is their fun `tour guide` who tells them about the planets. 


My game is set in the present universe, because there have been some theories about earth being destroyed and all of us have to move to a different planet which has the same qualities as earth. It may not seem unimportant now, but there is no guessing to when another meteorite will hit us.


I have many characters such as Valentina, the first women in space and Yuri, the first man in space. Laika will be a cute cartoon dog in a space suit. Also all the planets will have different expressions and will be cartoons so as to help the children remember them.



“In my game you just use your finger to tap on the screen, for the mini games you can hold down your finger to jump over obstacles. It is very simple so the children can play the game.”

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