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Jack Harding 


In my game you play as an antibody names Glob that is tasked with saving the life of the host he is injected into. Glob must use a variety of weapons to defeat malicious bacteria and viruses to save the life of his host. As the game progresses the player unlocks new modifications and weapons ranging from bacteria destroying lasers to the ability to grapple and swing by extending his arm. 


Set in the year 3035 in the lab of Dr. Einhowzer

The body of Dr. Einhowzer’s daughter Millie, the player plays through many stages that take place in various areas of the body such as the liver, heart, stomach and intestines.

Each area of the body has a different aesthetic and unique environmental mechanics 


Dr. Einhowzer, a 34 year old who is a world renowned doctor and inventor. He is a bit arrogant due to his success in his line of work, however he is also a kind and loving father at heart.
Millie, the Doctor’s daughter, is a typical 6 year old who is loud, playful and dangerously curious. Due to her infecting herself with many diseases she is also the environment where the game takes place.
Glob is an experimental, sentient and all-purpose antibody who is incapable of speech and relies purely on body language to convey his emotions. 




Primarily designed for Mobile & Tablet.
The movement is controlled using a twin stick style approach for phones and tablets
On computers the movement will be controlled by the keys W,A,S and D with the spacebar allowing the player to jump and the numbers 1 through 9 to change weapons and abilities.
For consoles the analog stick and D-pad will be the controls for movement

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