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Team Name:

Oliver Wright-Jones



Tiles! allows players to access their inner puzzle-solver - solve puzzles and discover a colourful world filled with curious characters!

Tiles! is an indie puzzle game in which you control Meep, a little alien far from home. The player guides Meep through the variety of colourful worlds, meeting others lost like him. Meep must jump to and from a variety of different tiles and on numbered tiles in sequential order. Each tile creates a new gameplay dimension, tiles that teleport you to the other side of the level and tiles that pull tiles to Meep. The player is challenged with more difficult gameplay with the chance to control multiple characters.


Tiles! is set in a galaxy devoid of colour, known as Atra. As Meep travels around the galaxy, he notices his presence slowly adds colour to the world. The world has unstable gravity, meaning a tile will fall after it has been stepped on. The inhabitants of Atra are also colourless and as Meep meets the inhabitants they become more colourful.


The story revolves around Meep, a box-shaped alien with an antenna to reflect his mood. He is coloured golden yellow and has multiple expressions to reflect the speech in every level. As the story progresses, Meep meets a different species, which the player must guide to the exit.


For mobile, swipe touch controls are used to move the character one space. The player can swipe up, down, left, right, or diagonally to achieve the goal. Single touch controls are used to move between levels, choose which character to control, and move through dialogue. On PC, the arrow keys are used to move one space at a time, and two keys are pressed at once to move diagonally. The mouse is used for everything else.