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Jack Reynolds


#0132 is a robot created as a prototype for an army of robotic soldiers. While their programming was being uploaded there was a power cut leaving them with only the skills to walk and connect to computer terminals. #0132 wakes up in the middle of the power cut and decides to restore power to the factory so that they can finish being programmed. Throughout the journey across the factory, they gain more skills and learn more about why they were created. In the end they're faced with a choice: restore power to the factory or destroy the factory (and themselves) so no one will ever be harmed by themselves or any robot like them. Ouroboros is a puzzle-platformer in which you have to "die" to progress, each level can only be solved by #0132 dying and respawning. 



Every time you die your previous actions still have an effect, e.g.  if a wall is blocking your path you can self-destruct to knock down the wall and when you respawn the wall is no longer blocking your path. Every time you connect to a terminal you discover a little more about #0132's purpose and why he was created, as well as learning about the world outside the factory's walls.



The game starts in the top floor of the factory, you have to go through each room of each floor, restoring power to each one as you go:

  • The design floor (where the designers work and prototypes are created)
  • The testing floor (where prototypes are tested)
  • The two factory floors (where the robots are assembled)
  • The basement (where old prototypes and scrapped designs are kept)


#0132 - a robot created as a prototype for an army of robotic soldiers.

Edison - the scientist whose journal you discover as you travel through the factory, it starts on his first day working in the factory for Ouroboros Inc.


The game's controls vary depending on whether it is played on a console or a PC, only a keyboard is needed for a PC.