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Hannah Hayward


An exciting, powerful action love story that shows no digital screen or ones and zeros can alter true love, even between robots!

A crazy scientist lives in a world where humans rule robots, turning them into slaves and making them work until their bolts run dry. Not wanting to live in a world like this he creates Project 01001100 01001111 01010110 01000101 or, in human language, LOVE. Inside are two robots, destined to be with each other, ADAm and EVE.

Dr. Humanoid hopes by introducing ADAm and EVE the world will see robots have feelings and personalities! Unfortunately, they are seen as a threat and humans attempt to destroy the project, separating ADAm and EVE to different corners of the globe. 

Guide both ADAm and EVE in their own journeys back to each other using their special upgrades. ADAm and EVE believe in peace, upgrades will not kill or harm any human or robot.


LOVE is set around the globe; each level is in a wonder of the world, or a well-known spot! The levels have identifiable images according to location, Egypt with the Pyramids etc. The level designs resemble Tiny Thief, Alex Kidd, and Turrican 2.


  • Dr. Humanoid, his hair is light green and he always wears his lab coat and goggles!
  • ADAm: ADVANCED DETAINMENT ANDROID m; a fantastic creation with an extraordinary electric mind.
  • EVE: ENVIRONMENTAL VEHICLE ENHANCER. beautiful, perfect and kind. 
  • Humans and working robots that defend and attack ADAm and EVE.



Scroll horizontally through each location. 

PC: W,A,S,D for up, down, left, right, SPACE for jump, Q activates upgrade menu, mouse for aim.
Consoles: Directional pad for movement, buttons for fire, activate upgrades.
Tablets: Use of on-screen directional pad and buttons, upgrades activated by tapping the relevant icon.
Multiplayer/Online: Players can control ADAm or EVE separately, with split-screen for local play.