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Life Stack

Aryaan Awais


In 2115, the Earth's lands are barren, dusty and decapitated by greenery salvage. A time error caused by a multinational, malicious company called the AVIAN VALVE means seasons last three days instead of months. Can you restore the previous century on Earth back?

Dr Ib. is an ornithologist who plans to scramble Earth's History and Geography together, creating his own land for a new animal population. Earth's elements are injected in tiny seeds that birds eat and fly around. Several company divisions of AVIAN VALVE plan to suck life away, but on a focussed subject in each continent.

Life Stack

Life Stack


This game requires knowledge involving several tactics, memory and the ability to keep calm under certain conditions. You have land that you can utilize with several elements, starter kits and resources in your inventory. 

Think...Plan... and Battle your defence and offense moves to conquer the terrain, whilst avoiding your enemy's ammunition and armies. Use your resources wisely, as you have limited amounts of raw materials (Wood, stone, iron...)

Protect your targets at the back of your land or you will be slayed. Wood walls, buildings and nature help maximise your chance of survival and victory. This is not just a game, it's a challenge for life!

It is not just your enemy you need to worry about, time and weather will never hold your hand as you shelter, stack and survive under feisty conditions that affect your terrain drastically. Day, dusk and night will change the atmosphere at every phase, while the weather possesses your creations with consequences.


You have a 5 by 3 grid of fresh ground to utilize with your elements, resources and recipes you have learned. Having to arrange, grow and build your civilisation, nature ground or battlefield is all in your imagination. Almost anything can be grown, built on or used in any option.


The player is the protagonist.
Dr Ib: the antagonist of the game, an ornithologist with a dark secret - his legs are transfused with bird feet.