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Dive 'n' Dash

TEAM NAME: The ICT - Inventive, Creative, Team

Lucie Wilson

Ellen Farquhar

Hannah Thompson


Dangerous, deadly, soaking wet fun!!!

The character (named by the player) is standing at the side of a swimming pool, on a diving board, getting ready to dive. They then jump off the diving board and into the pool. The character continuously swims forwards and has to dodge obstacles and different swimmers whilst diving over or ducking under pool dividers.

The slide at the end of the pool washes you out to the next level; each level gets slightly harder with new and exclusive obstacles.

Dive n Dash

During the levels you collect ‘Pool Junk’ and earn coins. When you have collected enough coins you can buy different things to aid your swimming and design your own or mix and match others. As you move up levels you need more advanced equipment e.g. SCUBA gear.

As a bonus feature you can unlock The Magical Fountain where you get an amazing swimming costume that is also a shield that protects you from obstacles and dangerous creatures.


  • The first level is set in an Indoor Swimming Pool. There are obstacles related to this environment to avoid, such as pool dividers, other swimmers and diving boards.
  • In the second level, an Outdoor Swimming Pool, there are the original obstacles plus sleeping people on lilos and wave machines.
  • Next is a River, new obstacles include branches, rapids and crocodiles. After this the River flows out to sea, where you must dodge sharks, surfers, crabs and seaweed.
  • In the Ultimate Level you face the freezing Arctic Waters, along with icebergs, polar bears and penguins.


  • Touch Screen Tablet Device. 
  • Tap and hold to dive at the start.
  • Tilt left/right to avoid obstacles and collect items.
  • Swipe up/down to jump over or duck under obstacles.
  • ‘Flick’ your device to dive over waves.
  • Tap speeds up your swimmer.

Dive n Dash