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Dame Eva's Adventure to Prove her Self-worth!

Fynn Levy


'Dame Eva's Adventure to Prove her Self-worth!' is a quirky game for those who enjoy challenges combining quick, reflex-based action and thought-provoking puzzle games. Set in a fantasy world, full of large snakes, bad day-time television and adventurers seeking glory, players control Eva through different levels, avoiding obstacles and defeating enemies to reach her goal.

The world is dictated by Point Gods who value society's ability to amass points. Points are collected to keep the Gods happy by completing 'Tracks’ that are found throughout the land. With limited government funding only few adventurers, like Eva, are sent to complete them. Once inside tracks, adventurers find it impossible to stop moving forward, regardless of the obstacles or enemies before them.

Dame Eva
Timing is an integral part of the game, button presses have to be synchronised for the best results and, for every 5 seconds that go by without being hit by an enemy, or colliding into an obstacle, the player's point’s multiplier goes up.


Dame Eva was a government employed adventurer awarded a knighthood for her exceptional service in a career spanning over 40 years. Having retired, Eva finds she is missing something.  Running tracks had been her whole life and so, one rainy Tuesday, Eva decided to dig out her suit of armour one last time.


Players have four abilities to control Eva, her colour changes based on what ability she is using.  Abilities are mapped to the four face-buttons on a controller, different keys on a PC or different areas of the screen on mobile.

  • The Blink - Eva teleports to a spot ahead of her avoiding obstacles and enemies.
  • Combat Mode - Allows Eva to defeat enemies without being damaged.
  • Reverse Movement - Eva uses an alternate route to find secrets and collectables.
  • Change Path - Allows Eva to switch between each side of the path to avoid obstacles and enemies.