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Rafal Faraj

Daoud Salman

Satyam Verma

Game Description

YOU are the hero and you make the choices in your own quest.

Alone and confused on a desert island, you find someone whilst exploring who offers to help you off the island with their boat. You need to decide where to go, the city to look for clues or to the desert to search for a way home (the main quest)?

Along the journey, you uncover the devious workings of a villain, if you get beaten in battle and taken to his base you must escape or challenge the villain. If you evade capture, you discover you are possessed and you may not want to return home. Eventually, you learn the villain is key to saving you and you must find a way of co-operating, stealing his secrets or taking him down.


Your teammates play a key part, treat them well and they help you, do the opposite and they will leave or betray you…

When these events happen is down to the choices you make, you are the deciding factor in the outcome of your own, personal quest.

Environments: Set in an expanding world with many different areas:

  • The Desert Island - Where your journey begins, a small, desolate area with no enemies and a sole other person.
  • The City - A large, bustling city filled with people and towering skyscrapers, home to many obnoxious rich kids and one that joins you…
  • Many more levels, such as the mountains, the sea and space to be discovered!

Characters: Depending on the choices made and where you go, you encounter characters, each with a different personality and each with their own skills and abilities.

Controls: Designed for Steam, played with keyboard or controller. Combat buttons are assigned by players, you can only set a certain number of items to a set amount of buttons.