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Jodie Burnside


A spiritual and enlightening journey of a young girl's fight to survive that explores concepts of fate, free will and what happens to morality when survival is at stake.

A king has offended the Gods and as punishment the Fates declare it’s his only child's destiny to die. A Spirit of Compassion takes pity on the girl’s and, whilst splitting Anne’s soul into beautiful glittering shards, sacrifices herself by placing one of the shards of Anne's soul within her own so Death can’t claim her. Anne must find the shards of her soul before the Spirit’s life force that sustains her runs out.

Anne's fate is in the player’s hands, whether she fades away, stays true to her morals or whether the desire to survive overpowers her morals. The player can also choose what morals they view highly for Anne to recover.




The player begins in a beautiful forest which looks to be endless and is black and white. Doorways are scattered around and lead to areas where Anne's soul shards are located. The player gains the shards after completing tasks (such as puzzle or stealth games). With every shard regained colour begins to bleed back into the forest.


Anne is a young girl aged around 15 or 16. She is a much loved princess in a kingdom where her father is the tyrannical ruler. The Spirit of Compassion hears the sorrow and pain of the kingdom's people when they hear of Anne's fate and chooses to help. Death is a stark contrast to the Spirit of Compassion - the ethereal mist form is dark and constantly shifting.


  • Navigation - WASD keys for PC.  Left analog stick for movement on consoles.
  • Interaction button – Space bar for PC, 'X' for PS, 'A' on Xbox.
  • Crouch/Sneak - left shift for PC. Left analog stick (L3) for console
  • Menus - clicking buttons with the mouse for PC, left analog stick and interaction button for console.


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