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Tomatos Role

Team Name: Willow Flame Productions

Rhianna Hawkins



Marketing blurb

Sick of being stuck on pizzas, the tomato tries its hand at being treated like a real fruit.


With a dive into the fruit salad bowl the tomato has to weave and dodge through other fruits, while it continues to swim through juice towards its goal the spoon. Colliding with fruits such as the much loved Strawberry, Kiwi or Banana results in dire consequences for our friend the tomato causing to it to lose precious time. Losing time means that the Tomato begins to age as the best-before date clock starts ticking. If it reaches zero then the Tomato is thrown away into the bin. As no one wants that the player has to get to the spoon in the quickest way possible, by either having quick reflexes to get the tomato around all the moving fruit obstacles or by gaining the raspberry power-ups that crash into the juice from the sky or float to the surface from below. As not only the Tomato is swimming in the bowl dodging the fruits can be extremely difficult and so by reaching the spoon the player is awarded with the next larger fruit bowl challenge. To win the hearts of a population you need to tackle all households because just one can’t boost the Tomato's popularity. The player also gains access to more power-ups - they can be the deciding factor as to whether the player shall win or lose.  


There’s our daydreamer hero, the Tomato itching to achieve its goal. Our friend is sick of being an outcast among the fruit race and dreams to be an accepted, common member of the fruit salad instead of just a delicious pizza topping. 

Then we have the enemies; arrogant fruit that are prejudiced against our hero, doing everything they can to stop its dreams coming true. Each one is unique in their evil talents - for example, the “lovable” Strawberries' aroma entraps and confuses our poor tomato, freezing it in place. The Kiwi's rough bodies bruise the Tomato making its best before date life fall. Bananas block sections of the screen meaning that anyone unlucky enough to meet them can be diverted into other fruits! 

Unique selling points

This game is unique for the player as the game is completely based in liquid so the player is not confined in their movements. This allows the game to have a unique relationship between the settings and characters as their movements create ripples on the juice. As most games are set on dry surfaces it will be unique to most games, as this game is able to stay completely in liquid without affecting the story.  



“Great character with purpose and a simple, effective storyline”

“The evil fruit characters are brilliant and the document and character descriptions are excellent”


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