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Soot And Smog

Team Name: Huryley Productions

James Hurley


Console or tablet

Marketing blurb

A game which has the quality and excitement of a fictional game but also gives you facts about the Victorian era.  


You awake in your house and walk out the door. You have multiple options for how to get to your job, like running/walking, paying for a carriage ride or by hiding on the back of a cart. In Rockstar's game Bully there is a clock in the bottom left hand corner. I have thought about having a clock like this in Soot and Smog because you're going to need to know when you have to get to work and when you don't. Another reason i think this is a good idea is because this will make the game feel like your actually living as a Victorian boy or girl.

After you have done your job you are free to have a look around the city or just go home, there will be lots of missions you can do for money or just to increase your ability of working.


There will be characters in the game such as Mr. Snib who is the chimney sweep boss who will try and cheat you out of your money and much more, who you can interact with. There is also:
1) Your dad; a worried, tired man who has to work to the bone. 
2) The Pickpocket will try to steal your money. 
3) Your sister who can give you advice - if you visit her.
4) The doctor who you can learn from.
5) The factory owner who is extremely abusive to his workers and laughs at pain. 
6) The chimney sweep is just a thug but the factory owner is evil.

Unique selling points

My game is a high tech simulator of what Victorian life could be like crossed with an adventure. It will explore certain aspects of the Victorian era and hopefully let kids learn as well.  


“A very strong theme – style and substance”

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